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what is a podcast

What is a Podcast?

Well its pretty simple really. Its a way that you can broadcast an audio recording to the world, without requiring a radio station to do it. Yep, that's right. Podcasting uses the Internet to broadcast content.

It doesn't have to be just audio, but in the case of CyberEars.com, we're about the ears (hence the name). We specialize in Audio Podcasting, so that's what this information is going to be about.


You see, there used to be a major barrier to entry for people wanting to broadcast audio. It was called a 'radio station'. Yes, you had to have one. Or be accepted as a host on one so that you could broadcast your audio show that way. And there was two other major problems:

  • You could only broadcast to people who could pickup the station you were on, so it was typically limited in distance, and
  • People had to switch on their radios at the TIME that you broadcasted, otherwise they would miss out.

But despite these challenges, for decades we built up an industry around radio. It became big business. People got rich and famous. Even today, its still incredibly popular.

We think all of this is about to change though. Podcasting is a way that you can pre-record your show, in the comfort of your own home, and then release it when you are good and ready. Its based on the concept of 'time shifted' media. Its like what Tivo did with television. By using technology they were able to create a 'robot' that would search for content that you told it you were interested in, and no matter when it aired it would record it so you could watch it later. Podcasting is similar.

There's all this technical mumbo-jumbo around it, but the basic idea is simple. You record a show, release it when you are ready, and the rest of the world finds it and downloads it to hear later. Since people these days seem to only want to hear sound on their iPods or other portable media players, there is a huge market to broadcast this way now. Even major radio hosts who have had success in broadcast media are seeing the light, and creating Podcasts of their audio. And you can too.

CyberEars.com is the distrbution part. Here's a graphic to show you what we mean:

what is a podcast

You create your show, and record it. There are lots of different ways to do this (here are a few). Then you upload the MP3 file that comes from the recording to CyberEars.com and attach it to your show. CyberEars.com does the rest for you. We then make it available in a RSS feed, so that anyone with iTunes or any other technology that can grab new shows will see it and download it. Then your listener has it on their MP3 player, or computer, etc. and can hear it immediately.

And if all of this is just a bit too hard, we give you the ability to have your show played directly from CyberEars.com. So anyone who has a computer connected to the Internet and browsing our website can play your show right there. This means they can sample what you have to say, and if they like it they can click one button and subscribe using iTunes or any other aggregator program and they will have your shows for the future as long as they stay subscribed.

Does all of this cost the listener anything? No. Like radio, the broadcast is free to listen to. Hosts can make their money from advertising inserted in the content. Podcasting was designed to be free as well. However we give our GOLD subscribers the ability to distribute secured content as well through CyberEars.com so you can offer free, Podcast content and tell your listeners about secured content that they can purchase a password from you to grab. Its all up to you, but we give you the tools to make all of this happen.

So if you are interested in trying the art of Podcatsing, try us out as your host and distribution facility. SIGN UP for a free trial account with CyberEars.com and get started. You'll be glad you did.


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