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Thanks for taking the time to review your options here at CyberEars.com. Whether you have tried us through our FREE trial offer and have chosen to join up, or you are an existing customer and are looking to upgrade your service offerings, you've come to the right place.
Service Options

We realize that our customers have different needs. Therefore we have different service offerings that you can choose from. You can sign up for these offerings with any major credit card. Here is a comparison of the different service plans that we offer:

BEST Value!
Podcast Hosting*
1 RSS Feed
1 RSS Feed
2 RSS Feeds


Whatever you need
Server Speed**
Promotion & marketing tools
Listener statistics
Embedded Player for your web site
Fan Database
Audio file security options    
Fast and knowledgeable Tech Support
Price per month ($US)
$ 4.95
$ 9.95
$ 19.95


* If you need to host multiple seperate Podcasts (not episodes of the same Podcast, but completely different Podcasts) you must purchase additional packages for each Podcast to be hosted.

** If you have experienced slow, overloaded servers for your podcasts with other hosts, you won't here. Our servers run on PRIME optical fiber connections to the backbone of the Internet and we don't ration access. If you go to all the trouble to put a podcast together, release it and then find that people can't download or listen to it because of overloaded, inferior technology, you'll never know how many thousands of people missed out on hearing your shows. Don't be a statistic in this and only settle for the BEST in hosting quality at CyberEars.com

We also offer corporations, organizations & government agencies CyberEars.com ENTERPRISE products. Click HERE for more information.

All Cyberears package options are billed via Credit Card once a month. Your credit card will be charged when you sign up for the first month of service, and then automatically charged each month for service continuation. If you wish to cancel your service at any time, CONTACT US to request a cancellation. Services ordered but not paid for will be automatically discontinued, and hosted content will be unable to be downloaded by your Podcast subscribers or through any other form of access until your subscription has been paid. Failure to re-subscribe or pay for your subscription after 10 days of service expiration automatically deletes all of your content from our servers to free up space for other customers.

 We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. If you would prefer to pay by money order or check, we would be happy to oblige. Please CONTACT US to organize alternative payments. NOTE: Check & Money Order payment is available to US customers only.

To proceed and subscribe to any of our services, log into your Account and go to the My Account tab. All options are provided there.

If you don't have an account yet, then sign up for a FREE trial account that you can use for a trial period and then upgrade it to a subscription account, protecting your content and continuing your service beyond the trial period.

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If you are a corporate, government or educational institution,think of the advantages of distributing your meetings, announcements or training material as secured audio to your teams through CyberEars.com

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