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Some audio is just meant to be free. Other audio requires some form of security. This might be because you provide PREMIUM content to your paid subscribers, or that you wish to secure or restrict just who can listen to your audio.

Whatever your reason, we can help. CyberEars.com offer security at multiple levels for GOLD level subscribers. You can secure an entire Podcast with a password. Or you can secure one or more audio files individually.

Here's the full details on this capability...


Audio File security (available to GOLD LEVEL SUBSCRIBERS ONLY)
What is the price for GOLD level subscribers?

You may wish to restrict access to some audio files for a variety of reasons:

  • The content may be privellaged
  • You charge for the specific content to your listeners
  • You need to control just who is allowed access to the content

If the audio files are provided via a Podcast, then you can elect to omit certain files from your normal Podcast. You can inform your listeners that these files can be obtained directly from CyberEars.com with a password. The file will list on CyberEars.com under your Podcast collection, but will have a padlock icon next to it, signifying to the user that they need a password to gain access to the file.

You control the passwords you allocate to files and you can change them at any time on CyberEars.com.

Here's an example of how this could work. If you have an educational podcast in which you provide weekly information to your subscribers, but there are specific tutorial lessons that you wish to offer that are for subscribers only, you can include these files on CyberEars.com under the Podcast, however require that any subscriber have a password to gain access to these files. They can listen to them on CyberEars.com only, or you can also offer them the ability to download the MP3 file directly if you wish. Again, these files will not appear in the Podcast feed so they will not show up in iTunes or any other Podcast aggregator. The user has to come to CyberEars.com to access the content for those specific audio files.

This is an ideal solution for any sensitive content, or for any PAID content that you wish to offer. Podcasters often record specific audio that contains information that they wish to charge users for, but due to the nature of Podcasts being FREE, this means that you can continue to offer this type of audio but keep it seperated from your Podcast RSS feed. You can advertise content to your listeners in your show and direct them to come to your CyberEars.com page to obtain access to it once they have a password.


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