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Name DJ Orkid RIPEcast Guest Mix
Description On this weeks episode of the RIPEcast, we are bringing you a special guest mix from 1200 Hustle, Sideshow Kutz, and Funky Flavor Music DJ and Artist ORKID. Here are few words from Orkid about this mix: I'm excited to put together this mix for The Space Cowboys, as they are by far one of my favorite crews on the West Coast. This mix is filled with booty breaks and bass from some my family/friends and favorite producers. It is sure to make you shake your booty!! Enjoy! ORKID'S BIO: In the mid 90s Jenny first discovered her love for Underground dance music where she was taken by the sounds of Techno, House and Trance. She was intrigued by and admired the sounds of such Djs and Producers as IIO, Sasha & Digweed, Kimball Collins, R.I.T.M. and many more great legends. During that time of new music discovery and what the Underground Electronic music scene was all about, Jenny then found the sounds of her future and the sounds that would pave the way of things to come. And that was the sounds of Breakbeats and Drum & Bass. Starting in 1997, Jenny bought her first set of Turntables and set out to learn the craft of Djing. It would be some time until Jenny would find her true self as a dj, but in 2001 her love for Breaksbeats and Drum & Bass were firmly established and with the help and thanks to a fellow Dj, Dj Alusive found her name and ORKID was born. Since then with her love for broken beat and four four styles of music she has set out to rock many dance floors alongside many up and coming Florida djs and Legends such as Rob E and Security, JG$, DJ Rockit, Brad Smith, Dmoney, NuOrleansPhatz, JRok, Versastyle, Andy Hughes, Def Jeff, Rich D, Jimi The Genius, Jason Brown, Merlyn, Leilani, Itchyone, 21 Paths, Deathcol, Geebo, Sandra Cruz, Funkbaby, Smooth, Brad Smith, Phat Kidz, Supergroover, Andres Martinez, Hootis B., JDub, Otter, Sisco and BBK. She has played at such places in Louisiana at Escapades, Post Office Club and The Brick House. And in her home state of Florida such as Suite B, Peacock Room, Suite 26. Currently Orkid is a resident for well known Dj crews, Sideshow Kuts International, 1200 Hustle, Legendary Breakers Of Boom, Funky Flavor and the Monkey Tennis Group (M.T.G.) where some of her illest mixes can be heard through. She also currently holds a residency with her husband Dj Rockit on Mixlir.com for their Sunday afternoon show known as Down Right Dirty. This is where you can hear Orkid drop her style of breaks and drum and bass to the masses on the worldwide interwebs. Her previous internet station residency station includes GremlinRadio from 2013 to 2014. Orkid is a fast up and coming Dj and she is setting the breaks scene on fire! Orkid is not only one of the hottest up and coming female djs, but she is just an overall Dj that you need to keep your eyes and ears out for. Her love and passion for what she does comes through in her style of mixing and in the brokenbeat sound she adores, Breaks, 2 Step, Garage, Trance, and Drum & Bass! This woman, her style of mixing and her sound is now and something you will not forget! Check out more from DJ Orkid here: https://hearthis.at/breakbeatbnc/ https://soundcloud.com/orkid713 https://www.facebook.com/DjOrkid/

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Podcast Hosting with CyberEars.com

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