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Name UBS01-Freedom
Description WOW! Hows that for a blast from the past? That image is way back from the myspace page. Ewww, I cant believe I just said myspace!

Well here it is out a day early for you. Just dont expect it to always be that way, lol. In this the very first episode of The Unkle Bonehead Show we salute the men and women who have made our Independence and freedom possible. On this Independence Day please say a prayer for our brave soldiers who put themselves in harms way for us without asking for anything in return. We owe them more than we could, combined, ever repay them! Below is the text of the shows intro.

July 4th 1776 13 colonies declared their Independence from the monarchy of England. They believed that all men are created equal and have certain inalienable rights given to them by their creator. Thus was born the greatest nation that the earth has ever seen. The United States of America. While we were not and still arent perfect, the founding fathers gave us the best foundation for a governing body, to be anymore perfect would require us to be somewhat of a “supernatural” force.
Over the last 230+ years hunderds of thousands of people have given their lives to protect our homeland and keep the enemies of freedom off of our shores. Countless others have given up their lives to protect and liberate millions more from tyranical manic dictators who wish to enslave entire countries. Let us pay tribute right now to those very people who spilled their blood so that we may live free. Free to speak our minds, free to breathe, free to buy, free to work, free to think, free...to live.
This song is Salute by Mike Martin.
Yes this show is about freedom. Freedom isnt free, for some the price is paid in blood. Please remember those who died so you may live free.

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Podcast Hosting with CyberEars.com

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