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Name The Warminster Thing
Description It's the English Roswell, Mothman Prophesy and Area 51 all rolled into one. Yet visit the town thesedays and it is like it never happened. In the early 1960's the quiet English town of Warminster experienced a wave of UFO sightings which put it at the centre of world media attention. There was much in common with the Mothman events in the US including visitations from odd characters claiming to be from other worlds and a large number of UFO sightings. Now - unlike the Mothman - this story is almost entirely forgotten. Here is an interview with the journalist who covered the story - from 45 years ago. This interview was sent to me in the post anonymously. I have no idea where the interview took place, who the interviewer is or the exact date – but believe the interview took place sometime in 1965. The interviewee is Arthur Shuttlewood - the journalist who brought the story to the world’s attention. In the 1960’s thousands of people visited the town in an attempt to see “The Thing” Visit Warminster today though and you will find few people willing to talk about such dramatic events. Roswell it is not

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Podcast Hosting with CyberEars.com

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