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Name Linda Swindling and Tony Troussov
Description Bargaining, getting more, selling, and speaking are today’s topics. Linda Byars Swindling a “bargaining expert”. She calls herself a ''recovering'' attorney. A recognized expert on workplace issues and negotiations, Linda works with organizations and professionals to create better working relationships and harness the power of positive influence, persuasion and negotiation. Linda is creator of the popular Passports To Success book series and co-author of The Consultant's Legal Guide. Linda's recent books include: Ask Outrageously! The Secret to Getting What You Really Want, Stop Complainers & Energy Drainers: How to Negotiate Work Drama to Get More Done, and The Manager's High-Performance Handbook. Tony Trousoff is a sought-after speaker and trainer who has given more than 600 presentations. He is one of seven hundred fifty speakers in the world to earn a prestigious designation of a Certified Speaking Professional™ by National Speakers Association. He is a frequent speaker at Auto Industry conferences and his articles are published in various publications. Recently, Tony published his first book – “Becoming a Stone-Cold Seller. Bulletproof Your Sales Career the Unbeatable Way.” His international work includes speaking and training in places like Korea, Portugal and UAE.

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Podcast Hosting with CyberEars.com

Podcast Hosting with CyberEars.com

Podcast Hosting with CyberEars.com

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